iceAn ice watch is undeniable popular nowadays, and fakes are everywhere. How can you tell the real one from the fakes?

Here are some indicators:
1. Numbers on the dial of a genuine Ice watch are slightly raised fake ice watches are flat 
2. There are no Ice names on the inside of the strap on a genuine watch the only place a brand name will be on the strap is on the little loop that holds excess strap. . 
3. A fake Ice watch has the Ice naming on both sides of the straps near the watch face and on the metal clasp.
4. The fake in the pictures has some obvious signs of being a fake as the holes for the buckle on the strap have not been punched through properly as you can see  (see pic to be added) 
5. A big giveaway if none of the above are present on a fake is on the back of the watch itself, a fake Ice watch will have a lot of engraving on the back of it and if you look closely enough the engraving will say DESIGNED BELGTAM.  Now this is quite obviously supposed to say BELGIUM as this where ICE watches started out. 
6. Genuine Ice Watches will have their website, that it’s stainless steel, the Ice logo and underneath the logo one line which says MIYOTA JAPAN MOVEMENT.  Although it must be said companies do change designs from time to time so bear this in mind. 
7. Genuine Ice watches come in a box shaped like a piece of Lego, instructions and guarantee, a lot of fake Ice watches will not have any packaging and the seller may state they have thrown it away or it was damaged.  

So be careful everyone! ^^

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Wow so many things to look out for. After reading this, I hopefully am better at spotting fake ones. 

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