Hello Girlybubble users and fans all around the world. I’ve always wanted to peek into a topic on shoes. Since today’s shoes market is highly dominated by all kinds of wedges, I think stilettos are being a bit left out. Nowadays I only see artistes, models and idols wearing stilettos. Yeah there are girls and women everywhere wearing that shoes of thin, high heels, yet it is very rare.They can usually be seen at special events like wedding receptions, parties or company’s annual dinner.
Honestly I found wedges more comfortable than stilettos (In fact I have wedges at a double quantity of stilettos!). If you are really a girl on the move who studies/works in a high building without elevators (like me ^^), wedges may suit you more. However you may find stilettos look more sophisticated if you want to achieve a more elegant look.
So which one do you prefer?



Here are photos of Yoon eun hye with stilettos and Megan Fox with wedges!



(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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I think that both are good...depend on where you are going and what you are wearing.  But I really can’t walk in stilettos! >0< Thank you for sharing

stillettos :D

for special occasion of course use stilettos,but if ur just about to walk in the park use wedges.

i prefer stilettos because it can make u feel ur sexy..but not good if u will stand for a long time.ouch!!!

fo shooo stillettooooooos <3
wedges are comfy...but IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE STYLE wink

sighh goin to university sucks tho
it’s almost impossible to walk around campus with ANY types of heels on T_T

thanks for sharing!! :D

i like them both but wedges are definitely more comfortable even if they weigh a ton on your feet smile
thanks for sharing!

wedges are more comfortable..you won’t fall down easily..

i like wedges more because they are more comfortable ^^

if i would have to chose between wedges and stilletos , i’ll choose wedges .. it’s more comfortable ~~

Ahah, looking from the comments below I’ll pick wedges....

Wedges are more of a day-to-day, comfortable look.
Stilettos are definitely on nights going out and just when you want to look plain sexy. LOL. xD

lol I’d definitely choose wedges since I’ve done a paper for English on how stilettos can harm the body and posture. But I’d wear stilettos on occasion (if I want to be taller xD).

wedges are a lot more comfortable but stilettos look sexier

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