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So here we have these adorable, but Funny Dog Macros! I just had to put that Yunho picture up there xD Just had to! lol More »

Birthdays! and more Birthdays! The cake of the celebrant is something that catches my attention whenever I attend birthday parties. I just love how it is creatively design and tells the personality of the celebrant. This time, if you have seen my other post which is about birthday cakes for baby girls, this will now feature birthday cakes for baby boys More »

Wicked is musical that shows some of the best songs out there! Well, Sam Tsui and Nick Pitera, both Youtube artists, covered one of its song named “For Good“. This song has got to my favorite song from the musical. I just like how it has a nice ballad feeling song that is very soothing in the ears. Aside from that, the two made a good version of this song. It’s a song I can just put on repeat and listen for hours without getting sick of it! More »

Well here some more Odd Wedding Cakes! More »

As I was searching those Tiffany macros to Ningin voices, I thought it would be nice to show some Funny Macros in here too. So I decided to search some Cat macros! And I had really fun while searched these xD There were like a million of these, but I decided to pick these! I myself have cats and that is one reason I find these so hilarious! xD

Nick Pitera is a Youtube artist who sings. He’s not your ordinary singer as he can change his voice to even the female counterpart. He is mostly known through his cover of Disney Movie Aladdin’s Whole New World. The first time I heard the track, it was really awesome and I enjoyed it so much. From that day on, I listened to his other covers and it was great! This time, I would like to share to you his cover Les Miserables. As you know Les Mis features several characters, both male and female, who sang songs almost throughout the movie. Check out Nick’s version! More »

So on this DIY from SecretLifeOfaBioNerd, you need an extra bra strap(if you have one that has lost it’s pair), some fabric floral, thumbtacks and glue! That’s it! More »

A cool live lyric video of different Maroon 5 songs sung by Victorious stars Victoria Justice and Max Schneider. More »

A cool DIY project for summer - create your own cool funky pattern on your shorts! More »

Dogs are my favorite animals because they are cute and fun to play with. Ever since I was young, i had grew fond of dogs. My mom and dad would always buy me stuff toy dogs for special ocassions like birthdays and Christmas gifts. They also got me a dog who is very energetic. Whenever I come to my other house to play with him, he gets really excited and all. I just love dogs, and maybe the reason why I love them so much because I was born in the Year of the Dogs (Chinese Horoscope). Here are some cute dog stuff toys I saw and would like to share to all of you! Check it out! More »

I decided that it would be fun to show you guys some nice DIY videos from SecretLifeOfaBioNerd! I’ve been loving her videos for years, especially her DIY videos. They look nice and easy to do! More »

Dying your hair pink takes so much courage because pink doesn’t always suit everyone. Also, you have to get that right of shade of pink because pink has so much shade that you need to ensure it’s the best color for your hair. Anyways, a lot of celebrites has dyed their hair pink already and some worked it out while some did! Here’s my list of those who looked good in Pink Hair. More »

Cupcakes are sure delicious depending on its flavor, but Red Velvet Cupcakes are sure to be the most famous cupcake flavor. My first ever Red Velvet Cupcake was heaven to me. I enjoyed every bite of it, especially it’s moist texture that makes you want to bite more and more! There are good cupcake brands in here, and I usually buy the ones that are moist on top. Sometimes when it isn’t moist enough the inside becomes so dry that I don’t like to eat it anymore! More »

Here we have few of the Huge Plushies, that I would love to own! More »

Hello There! Any The Script fans out there? To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of The Script, but I do love their songs! Anyways, while I was coming across iTunes, I saw this song I’m Yours. I’m a huge fan of Jason Mraz so I initially thought The Script covered Jason Mraz’s hit song. But no I was wrong, it was their own original song! More »

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